Coaches Checklist

Information Needed From Players

  • Medical Release FormCoach to keep in personal file and taken to all practices and games
  • Uniforms for New Players
    • Refer parents to the Uniforms page for information on ordering. Ensure new player does not have a duplicate jersey number

The following are to be given to the registrar:

  • Completed Roster.
    • Be sure to verify player jersey numbers to ensure no duplicate numbers.

Coach’s Personal Responsibilities  

  • Get a Team and Individual Coach account and passwords to
  • Background Check (every year) – Individual Coach Page on
  • CDC Concussions Course (every two years) – Individual Coach Page on
  • Safe Sport Course (every two years) – Individual Coach Page on
  • Signed Code of Conduct (every year)
  • Signed Vermont Soccer Association Zero Tolerance Policy – (every year)
  • Get Player Cards – Usually a week or two before your first game
  • Review VSA Age Specific Rules Document

Additional Information

  • Check your email.  Most communication is done through email so please pay attention to the emails sent out by the board.
  • Attend the club meetings – especially in the Spring – this is when you will select you practice times, locations, and get information for spring events and equipment
  • Get familiar with the website. This is where you can find your Concussion, Background Check and Safe sport course as well as team information. To log on:
    • Go to
    • Hit the login button in upper right hand corner
    • Click on Team and Team Officials
    • Decide which Account you want :
      • Team accesses your team schedule, rosters etc. 
      • Individual accesses your personal information and where you can do your concussion, Background Check and Safe sport
    • Enter the given username and password 
  • Understand your age group and which children’s birthdays fit into that defined criteria.  
    • Teams that have multiple birth years on them will have to move up divisions based on the older kids on the team.
    • Click here for season age groupings. 
  • Be aware of Key Dates