The WildCat Way


Northeast Football Club is committed to creating a competitive, supportive, challenging, and fun environment for all our players to reach their potential through the beautiful game of soccer.  With commitment to our goals and appreciation for the opportunity, we accept the responsibility to develop each player to their highest level of skills, athleticism, teamwork, and leadership in soccer.  We strive to use all of our faculties -strength, spirit, courage, compassion, and intelligence – to achieve positive results on and off the pitch for our players and families.  Northeast FC’s passionate leadership and detailed approach to the long-term elite development at every age group support our uncompromising resolve to be one of the top youth soccer clubs in the state Vermont.  


Born in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, the Northeast FC Wildcats (formerly known as the Derby Wildcats) has been been serving the area as its stand-out soccer travel club for over 20 years.  Northeast FC offers year around training for athletes U8-U19.  Setting Northeast FC apart from others is the tailored comprehensive curriculum, implemented by top notch coaching.  Highlighted among our dedicated coaching staff, are former and present collegiate and high school coaches as well as former professional and collegiate players.  Our brand of soccer serves to drive player skill and development as well as foster the love of the game.    


Enhanced Soccer I.Q. – players use soccer movements, skills, and decision making with a clear beneficial tactical outcome.

Have greater sport-specific knowledge.

Take greater meaning from information presented to them.

Store and access information more readily in memory.

Can more readily detect information and identify patterns.

Make quicker and better decisions.

Fundamental skill performance with quality, consistency, and creativity at game speed.

Possession-based style of play.

Next level tactical application of skill set.